About me?


I would suppose this is where you would what to hear about me, but that seems rather narcissistic. I will tell you a bit about myself but that will come later. This site is here to provide resources as in photographs for those who like to use stock photography. Use it how? For photo manipulations, texture, background, to hang on their wall, for whatever they want.

I also want this site to become a teaching resource, I myself am an amateur photographer and Photoshop user. I find it rewarding to share what knowledge I have with others so that I can help them grow. By doing this, it teaches me a thing or two, I have to stay ahead of the curve right. As I learn and grow in my skills I commit to sharing my knowledge with those who would listen. After all who would share knowledge with those who wouldn’t listen?

I hope one day that this site will act as a portfolio of my work and I will have learned enough to become a graphic designer, that is my dream. I am open to your criticism and expect you to voice it, that is the only way I will learn. If you have any questions or would like to contact me for commercial rights to use a photo please do so at.


My beautiful picture


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